Olfactive teas and decadent delights

We are a creative Maison de thé based in vibrant Toronto. We combine the world of tea and the art of perfumery to concoct unique teas crafted like artisan fragrances with perfume plants, edible flowers, finest spices, and no added flavours. Taking inspiration from Parisian Belle Époque salons de thé, Indo-Persian tea rituals, Indian Ocean and African herbalism, and Boreal plants, all our compositions reflect the journey of our founder, perfumer and tea lover.


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Fancy an even more special and exclusive tea experience? We extend uniqueness further with the opportunity to create your very custom luxury loose leaf blends in small batches for you, your event or your brand.


What enthusiasts say about us

  • "Gabrielle's garden" is unlike any rose tea I have ever tasted before! Its rose flavour is not overpowering nor forgettable. What I like the most about this tea is that its fragrance also envelops the place to create a cozy atmosphere, particularly on a snow day!

    ⏤ Dean

  • From unboxing to sipping, I had the most enchanting tea experience. At first, I was intrigued by the name Olfatea, and thought it would be super flavoured teas, but no. The scent is decadent, but it doesn't overpower the taste which stays smooth, and I must say unique.

    ⏤ Pam

  • "My Olfatea teas and caviars reconnected me with the experience of calmness that you give yourself when you say "I'll have a cup of tea". From preparation to tasting, I rediscovered the pleasure of creating a ritual, taking time and enjoy it. A true luxury. "

    ⏤ Fayza

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  • Plant-based with no added flavours

  • Sourced from sustainable suppliers

  • Beautifully packed, ready fr gifting

  • Custom creations for you or your events