How to gift a tea

How to gift a tea

Gift-giving doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating yet finding the ideal tea that will suit someone's taste and reflect your relationship with the recipient, is a true art. With so many choices nowadays, it doesn't make the task easier. However, you don't have to be a tea sommelier to offer the perfect tea, just follow your heart or our guide.

All our products are ready for gifting, including individual samples, to create a beautiful unwrapping experience. You can also ask us to add a personal note.

For a tea beginner or if unsure

If you’re not sure which ones to pick, choose our tea sampler. It won't break the bank and the recipient will be pleased to be able to try all our teas times 3 as there are 3 servings per sample or share with someone else. 


Our gift set of 4 teas of 50g each is also great if you don't know the person's taste but want to offer more than samples.
If you are on a budget

Select just one sample, making sure the tea type and taste will match to the recipient's taste. 

For a hardcore tea lover

Offer a bold black tea as no tea brand is complete without it, like our Bergamot Boreal Vanilla, a classic Earl Grey with a twist, or go for something totally unexpected to tease their taste buds.

We suggest Rare Spice Neroli, a Darjeeling with orange blossom, rare peppercorn, cinnamon and saffron, for a nice gift with an edge to broaden your tea lover’s horizon

If you’re feeling extra-generous, you may also gift a monthly subscription.


For an experienced tea connoisseur

An off-the-beaten-path gift is the way to go for a tea aficionado that knows his stuff. We suggest Shahin Chain or Rare Spice Neroli.


Or a personalized gift box including a tea sample, a 50g tea jar, and a tea caviar.


For someone who loves flowers

We suggest floral teas if your recipient loves flowers or has a very feminine or romantic side. Gabrielle's Garden, an extra rosy blend of various Ceylon, or Rare Spice Neroli, a Darjeeling with orange blossom taste, would be perfect.


Shahin Chai, our chai with a floral touch, could be an option if you don't want to gift something too floral. 

For anyone you want to spoil

We've created fun personalized gift boxes under $50 to play around and choose a tea sample, a 50g tea jar, and a tea caviar.


For someone extra special

Offer a monthly subscription with a tea by simply selecting this option to Add to cart.

Or surprise that person with our bespoke creation gift certificate to create a very personal tea suitable to their taste with us and in 1 kilo quantity. Enough to enjoy alone or share with loved ones.