Neroli absolute

Extraction of bitter orange blossom (Citrus aurantium) 

  • Uses: Used in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt in culinary dishes and as a scent.
  • History: Neroli was introduced in France as a fragrance in the 17th century by Marie-Anne de La Trémoille, duchess of Bracciano, known as Princess of Nerola and was the Sun King's favourite. She loved orange blossom for its multidimensional comforting and deep uplifting green floral notes of bitter grapefruit, fresh meadow, and lily, and used it extensively to scent her bath, clothes, and gloves. It became later on know as the essence of neroli.
  • Perfumery: Neroli is one of the most precious and widely used floral essences in perfumery.

Enjoy it in our Darjeeling tea enhanced by petigrain, Madagascar cinnamon and voatsiperifery wild peppercorn.