Orris, an extract from iris

Orris, an extract from iris

Extract from the rhizomes of iris pallida, iris florentina or iris germanica

Orris butter is the semi-solid waxy essential oil from the roots of 3 types of iris flowers (Iris germanica, Iris florentina, and Iris pallida).

Notes: Powdery, violet flower, woody, earthy undertones

Illustration, Les_liliacées_by_Pierre_Joseph_Redouté_(1759-1840)

  • Parts: Dried roots.
  • Production: It takes 1 ton of roots to produce 1 kilo of butter after 5 labour-intensive years of production and drying. Thus, it's one of the most expensive perfume raw materials ($50,000/kg).
  • Uses: The dried root is known as "orris root", used in folk medicine, perfume fixative and base, as well as an ingredient in liquors such as gin in Europe and North America, and culinary dishes, coffee and tea in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Properties: Rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids, expectorant, detoxifying.

We used it in Gabrielle's Garden to give a soft powdery finish to a very floral rosy lavender blend.