Tea caviar pairing

Tea caviar pairing

You can eat tea caviar on its own but pairing it with the perfect makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The rules for Tea caviar pairing depend on the type of chocolate, the ingredients of the caviar blend and the type and flavour of your tea.

Chocolate on its own is fantastic, but chocolate enhanced with other raw materials and ingredients that we call "tea caviar" is fabulous. What takes it to a higher level is pairing it with the best tea combination.

On the other hand, pairing tea with white, milk, or dark chocolate that has a certain flavour profile due to geographic specificity known as "terroir" or type of cultivation, can create a whole new experience, bringing your caviar to even greater heights or, why not, surprise you.

Here's what you need to know first of all

- Our first teas are all black teas with robust flavours pairing well with rich, hearty foods.
- Some of our black teas are smoother such as Rare Spice Neroli made with darjeeling.
- If our teas are all scented, our tea caviars are also scented with the same ingredients but not in the same proportion as we didn't want to overpower our chocolate pearls' flavour but reveal it.

Almond Poppy Chai Ginger Milk Chocolate Caviar pairing

Perfect with any chai tea, Earl Grey tea or any malty and bold tea.

Olfatea tea pairing

    Shahin ChaiBergamot Boreal Vanilla

    Saffron Rose Vanilla Pistachios White Chocolate Tea Caviar pairing

     Perfect with floral, spicy hot or cold beverages, champagne or sparkling water.

    Olfatea tea pairing


    Gabrielle's GardenShahin Chai

      Orangette Sweet Clover Pecans Dark Chocolate Tea Caviar pairing

      Perfect with: Spicy, citrusy hot or cold beverages, sparkling water. 

      Olfatea tea pairing

      Bergamot Boreal VanillaRare Spice Neroli Shahin Chai