Tea caviar, a novel delight

Tea caviar, a novel delight

A new and fun type of tea delight

Tea caviar will change you from traditional cookies and after diner mint.

Our tea delight is made with crispy chocolate pearls with a cookie center, mixed with nuts, flower petals, spices or essential oils, that you can use in many ways.

How to eat our rich delicacy?

- It can wonderfully accompany your tea. Each caviar is to pair with a tea.
- It's can be a gourmet alternative to the after-dinner mint.
- Or great for snacking or finger food at anytime.

Do you need a special cutlery?

- Not necessary, just use a teaspoon or a caviar spoon to get fancy.
- Or simply your fingers.

You can get creative to elevate your culinary dishes and beverages

- Use as a decorative touch to your desserts, pastries, or drinks.
- Sprinkle on your chocolate truffles, donuts and clusters to give texture.

Gift it to create an awesome tea experience

- Compliment it with our teas for a delightful tea time.
- Offer as a hostess gift for New Year Eve to surprise your loved ones.

Enjoy your new treat and share it around!