Tea and food pairing

Tea and food pairing

Just like wine, tea is particularly suitable for certain foods

Combining tea and dishes is not new, though. The art of pairing tea with food exists for millennia in the East, but it's a novel thing in the West and opens a whole new world as tea is not limited to breakfast or afternoon tea, biscuits and scones

Like fine wine, for every type of food, there’s a tea match (or many matches). Two aspects to consider before exploring them:

  • When you think tea and food, do not consider tea as a beverage to enjoy only with your palate, but a feast for the senses, allowing to explore the possibilities and dynamics between the looks, the flavours and the aromas of the tea and the dishes you serve.
  • Taste wise, tea will not only balance your food but even lift or enhance it, adding a dimension to both and enhancing the dining experience exactly like wine, but in a different way. 

This introduction to tea and food pairing will start with the general profile of the main tea types and which foods pair well with them.

Tea pairing