Are all your ingredients natural?

Absolutely! We only blend 100% natural ingredients from plants and do not use any artificial or synthetic components (flavours, sulfur dioxyde, preservatives, citric acid).

Do you carry organic teas?

Yes, we will carry organic teas in the future. Our actual teas are all lab-tested and comply with legislation and food safety standards. We source organic botanical plants and spices whenever we can. Some ingredients are wild-harvested in remote areas that have never been in contact chemicals such as rainforests, so it's hard to get certified organic plants from small producers.

Will you offer caffein-free teas?

Yes, in the nearest future, we will create a range of caffein-free teas and herbal teas.

Is your tea flavoured?

No. We do not use any flavour, artificial or natural. Our teas are exclusively scented with edible plants, plant extracts and natural isolates only. Yet if the scent is strong, the taste is well-balanced and will make your tea's natural taste sing and never overpower it.

Are your scented teas suitable to everyone?

Some essential oils are harmful for kids, expecting moms, elderly, and people with epilepsy condition. We also make teas only scented with spices and whole flowers, without any essential oils, however some plants are not suitable for pregnant women. Please read the ingredients label and our Disclaimer on each product page, and consult your medical practitioner in case of doubt.

Are your teas gluten-free?

Our teas do not contain gluten however some of our tea delights do have wheat flour.

Are your teas nut-free?

No. Some do have pistachios and almonds or may have been in contact with nuts and peanuts.

What are the other allergens?

Our products may contain tree nuts, seeds, peanuts, wheat, egg or milk. 

Are your teas sweetened?

Our teas do not contain any sugar or sweetener.

Where can I find the ingredient list of your teas and caviars?

The list of ingredients and allergens are specified on each product page. Make sure to read them carefully.

How to eat tea caviars?

Like snacks or wth a teaspoon.

How do I best store my tea?

Tea is a very fragile product and must be stored in a dry, dark and airtight place. Our UV-proof jars are your perfect storage and will keep your tea fresh without any added preservatives, as light and air are the worst enemies of tea.

How many servings I can make with 50g and 85g?

17 servings for 50g.
42 servings for 85g.

How do I make tea?

Read our post on How to make the perfect tea.

Further questions? Email us at info@olfatea.com