The founder

Hello, I am Chaïna. I have a passion for all things smell and taste. Scents and flavours are rooted in my DNA as I grew up in a family of food makers and fragrance lovers in Madagascar, the Island of spices and essential oils. At home, we always have three types of cuisine, North Indian Gujarati, French, and Malagasy, reflecting our triple identity, and this heritage has deeply influenced me.

I lived in Reunion Island, former Bourbon Island, a tiny French oversea territory in the Indian Ocean famous for its biodiversity, essential oils, spices and gastronomy, before moving to Paris where I educated my palate and my nose further. Later on, I chose to live in Montreal then Toronto where I continue to explore new tastes, discover other cultures and experiment Northern botanicals.

Two years ago, I decided to recreate a family staple, a chai made with Malagasy black tea and vanilla, Indian and Persian spices. I added fragrant plants, flowers and essences to take a step from tradition, built it and aged like a fragrance. The decadent results pleased me so much that I started to share it around, creating a sort of cult-following.

Today, I am taking another step with Olfatea to enchant your senses, to create memories or dig deep down your own madeleine de Proust. I hope you will try my creation and will enjoy my concept. I would love to hear from you as I constantly look to improve myself to satisfy your cravings, so feel free to reach out.

⏤ Chaïna.