Our Universe

A universe of sight, smell, and taste


We believe in fantasy, seduction, indulgence, and in creating memories. We use taste and olfaction, the most powerful of all our senses, to combine the world of tea and the art of perfumery with artisan know-how. Tea and perfume have a lot in common. They have the power to influence our state of mind, to trigger something inside you, bring joy, soothe, act on our feelings, and generate the same emotion as art. Art can be music, painting, scent, taste. Once you get a meta-emotion, there is no turning back. We think these creations are art.

Our teas are not your average flavoured teas but aim to be the Birkin of scented teas. We composed them like a fragrance with top, heart and base notes that will develop as your tea leaves will unfurl. We select fine teas, sustainably-sourced botanicals, highest quality edible perfume plants, flowers, spices, essential oils, and absolutes, the Champagne of all essential oils, to compose intensely scented blends yet rendering the natural taste of the tea.