Our universe

Olfatea is a fine tea house bringing the art of luxury tea and reinventing the tea experience with an enchanting cachet inspired by luxurious Parisian salons de thés during the Napoleonic Second Empire and the Art Nouveau and Art Deco mouvements. 

This era from 1871 to 1914 was a time of extraordinary transformation with rapid technological advances, gigantic urban projects, and artful allegoric décor. The rise of alluring grand cafés and fine salons de thés brought the French Art de Vivre to public spaces, attracting Parisian high society and elegant women to gather and indulge outside of the bourgeois house. 

We recreate this exquisite and sublime historical time with a perfumery take, as to us, tea and perfume have a lot in common. They have the power to influence our state of mind to trigger something inside us, bring joy, soothe, act on our feelings, and in fact, generate the same emotion as art. Art can be music, painting, scent, taste. Once you get a meta-emotion, there is no turning back. We believe our creations are art.

We carefully compose our blends with fine tea gardens, hand picked edible scented flowers, plants and essential oils, gorgeous spices and botanicals sourced from around the world, without any added flavouring. Just take a moment to smell and taste the roses, close your eyes and let yourself transported in another time and place.