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Gabrielle's Garden

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Are you a fan of rose tea? This extra rosy brew is nothing you've tasted before. An intense yet soft powdery set to be the Birkin of all rose teas. 

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral Fruity Herbal
TEA TIME: All day, Summer tea

This tea dedicated to the Manitoba-born Quebec writer, Gabrielle Roy and her novel Garden in the wind, is made with a bouquet of honeyed citrusy rose buds and petals, lavender buds, Bulgarian rose absolute and rose geranium essence, and woodsy powdery orris butter, on a base of various Ceylon tea gardens.

Our Ceylon blend is composed of long twisted leaves special OPA (Orange Pekoe-A) giving a rich forest-like scent and slight roasted taste with dried fruits and raisins tones, "low-grown Ceylon (low altitude sunny gardens) for colour and strength, and "medium-grown" Ceylon from cooler gardens for light zesty notes. 

Reveal the fresh floral notes of our tea with a dash of lemon or add milk to soften its briskness and emphasize its deeper rosy flavour.

85g refillable jar / 42 servings.


Head: Floral citrusy
Body: Floral herbal minty
Finish: Floral earthy woodsy 


Base: Ceylon tea blend (special OPA, "low-grown", "medium-grown" teas).
Essential oil accord: Egyptian geranium, French rose de Mai, Moroccan orris butter.
Botanical inclusions: Persian Mohammadi rose petals, Rosa damascena petals, French rosa centifolia buds, French lavender buds, safflower petals, blue cornflower petals, calendula petals, borage flowers.


Olfatea Delights: Saffron Rose Pistachios White Chocolate Tea Caviar.
Food: Cream cheese, red meat, smoked fish, pecan pie, pumpkin pie. 


Add 0.5 teaspoon of tea per cup in filtered boiled water (96°C / 205°F) and steep for 3-5 minutes.


- Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 
- May have been in contact with tree nuts, seeds, peanuts, wheat, egg, milk.
- Scented with edible essential oils. Essential oils should not be given to children, elderly, or taken during pregnancy, nursing, or if you have epilepsy.
- Contains borage flowers (do not use if you have epilepsy or bleeding disorders).