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Orangette Pecan Dark Chocolate Caviar

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We've blended tiny crispy toasted biscuit pearls covered with Belgian dark chocolate, with crystallized orangettes, dark roast pecans and sweet clover flower, for a citrusy boreal vanilla nutty delicacy to accompany your tea.

Composition: Vegetarian but not vegan (contains dairy). 
Packaging: Direct food contact FDA box/Plant-based cello bag, 100g.
Shipping: Ontario/Quebec only (fragile product). No chocolate shipping during summer months.


  • Great for snacking or as a gourmet alternative to the after-dinner mint.
  • Other uses: May be used as a decorative touch to your desserts, pastries, drinks, or to texturize your chocolate truffles and clusters.
  • Compliment it with our teas to gift a delightful tea experience.


Olfatea teas: Shahin ChaiBergamot Boreal VanillaRare Spice Neroli
Perfect with: Spicy, citrusy hot or cold beverages, sparkling water.


Dark chocolate Tea Caviar: Belgian chocolate pearls.
Spice accord: Sweet clover.
Nuts and fruits: Candied pecan, candied orange peel.

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Caution: Contains milk, soya, oats, tree nuts, wheat. May have been in contact with peanuts, seeds, or egg. Without sulfur dioxide. 
Disclaimer: Scented with edible essential oils. Essential oils should not be given to children, elderly, or taken during pregnancy, nursing, or if you have epilepsy. Do not consume sweet clover if you are taking anticoagulants, if your liver enzymes are elevated, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.