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Organic Saffron Sugar

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Our organic Saffron Sugar infused with organic golden sugar cane and premium Persian saffron giving its unique colour, flavour, and fantastic aroma. We added a touch of green cardamom to enhance its flavour.


Our Saffron Sugar is the perfect companion for your hot beverages, lattes, tea, coffee, turmeric milk, herbal infusions, mint tea, cold beverages, sparkling sodas, lemonades, baking, pastries, oatmeal, and much more.


Saffron sugar is called "nabat" in Persian. it is traditionally used as a sweetener for tea and coffee in rock candy format. In folk culture, it is also used to ease stomach cramps, baby colics, depression. 


Organic granulated blond sugar, premium Persian Sargol saffron, green cardamom. 

Freshly made-to-order to give maximum flavour. Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 

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