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Persian Saffron Chai Masala

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Our Chai Masala is a divine aromatic blend of finely powdered spices and premium Persian saffron pistils to give a beautiful fragrant spicy aroma to your tea, beverages, pastries, breakfast meals. and other preparations.

Made with premium Persian saffron, green cardamom, Madagascar true cinnamon, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, nutmeg and clove, our masala mix is unlike any other chai masala.



Add a pinch to your hot beverages, lattes, tea, coffee, turmeric milk, baking preparations, dishes, oatmeal, and much more.


Chai masala is a blend of spices and ginger powder added to Indian tea to make it flavourful. Each family has its own recipe and in our family, we add saffron and vanilla beans to our masala composition.

Our premium saffron ( Crocus sativus) pure Sargol Grade A (the highest quality) is sourced from the birthplace of Persian saffron in Ghaenat region which saffron cultivation history dates back to more than three thousand years ago. The soil rich in minerals, the little rainfall in this semi-arid area, and the sunny hours give its unique superior flavour. 


Persian premium saffron, Indian premium green cardamom, Madagascar premium true cinnamon, Indian premium nutmeg, Indian premium clove

Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 


Store your chai masala jar away from humidity and always use a clean, dry spoon when using it.

Contact us for large or bespoke orders.