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Rare Spice Neroli

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Are you a Darjeeling indulger? Discover our fabulous blend with orange blossom, peppercorn and Persian saffron notes

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral  Spicy Fruity
TEA TIME: Afternoon, Summer tea

This delicate Darjeeling tea from Himalayas tea gardens pays tribute to bitter orange tree and its two of its most enchanting floral extracts valued in the art of perfumery: seductive neroli absolute from Morocco with orange blossom notes and peppery petitgrain from Sicily.

The addition of 3 rare spices (Madagascar rainforest voatsiperifery peppercorn with floral woody spicy notes, sweet Madagascar true cinnamon, and a touch of Persian premium saffron) and sweet spicy Sicily mandarin enhances its alluring floral peppery character, making it just heavenly. 

Enjoy it in the afternoons, without milk to reveal the tea’s fine balanced fragrances and crisp Muscat grapes finish.

85g refillable jar / 42 servings.


Head: Floral, citrusy, peppery
Body: Fruity, honeyed, spicy
Finish: Velvety, earthy, woody


Base: Darjeeling premium first flush tea
Essential oil accord: Neroli absolute, Sicily petitgrain, Sicily mandarin.
Spice blend: Madagascar true cinnamon, Madagascar voatsiperifery peppercorn, Persian premium saffron.  
Botanical inclusions: Calendula petals.


Cookies, apple tart, crêpes, desserts with berries, Brie cheese, chicken curry.


You'll need 0.5 teaspoon of tea per cup, a water temperature at 96°C (205°F), and steep your tea for 3-5 minutes.


- Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 
- May have been in contact with tree nuts, seeds, peanuts, wheat, egg, milk.
Scented with edible essential oils. Essential oils should not be given to children, elderly, or taken during pregnancy, nursing, or if you have epilepsy.