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Saffron Confettea

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Olfatea Confettea petals are organic colourful and fragrant tea toppers made with pretty petals and blossoms, nuts and spices to sprinkle on your hot and cold tea beverages.

Give yourself and your loved ones a real treat every time with our Saffron Confettea. This embellishment made with a blend of edible Persian rose petals, slivered Californian almonds, Persian pistachios, Persian saffron and Indian green cardamom will make your teas and delights visually wonderful and blissfully tasteful.

Makes also great gifts for the Holidays, Mother’s Day, wedding favours, tea parties or any occasion.


Hot tea or latte sprinkle

Garnish your tea with a pinch of Saffron Confettea before serving.

Bubbly garnishing

Add to your favourite champagne, soda, sparkling water to create a fragrant and beautiful experience.

Hot or cold Infusion

Infuse with tea or simply toss a teaspoon of Saffron Confettea in your cup, add hot water or milk, steep for 5 minutes, stir and sip!

Pastries and oatmeal

Add or sprinkle on your cookies, cakes and pastries, or on your oatmeal to enjoy a delicious breakfast.


Freshly made-to-order to give maximum flavour. 
Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 
Contains nuts.

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