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Shahin Chai

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If chai is a ubiquitous spice-laden standard tea now, wait to try this superb saffron floral version, we promise it'll be your luxurious drink of choice.

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Spicy Floral Gourmand

STRENGTH: High caffein
TEA TIME: Morning, Mid-day

This Indo-Persian inspired spicy floral chai tea that started the debut of Olfatea, refers to our founder's first name, Chaïna, the French spelling for "Shahin", and is unlike any other you've ever tried before, with its spicy floral notes.

The blend is made with premium Persian saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, juniper berries, Persian barberries, pistachios, bitter orange peel, honeyed Mohammadi rose petals from Kashan, on a base of our Black tea special blend (Lahijan, Ceylon, Kenya, Malawi, Assam).

85g refillable jar / 42 servings.


Head: Spicy, Minty, Floral-citrusy
Body: Velvety, honeyed, saffron
Finish: Nutty, creamy, malty


Base: Black tea special blend (Lahijan, Ceylon, Kenya, Malawi, Assam).
Spice accord: Persian premium saffron, cardamom, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, nutmeg, clove, peppercorn, cinnamon, juniper berries.
Essential oil accord: Nutmeg, cardamom.
Botanical inclusions: Persian bitter orange peel, Persian pistachios, Persian barberries, Persian Mohammadi rose petals, blue cornflower, calendula petals.


Spicy meals, antipasto, chocolate, cookies, desserts.


Add 0.5 teaspoon of tea per cup in filtered boiled water (96°C / 205°F) and steep for 3-5 minutes.


- Vegan, no flavours, no preservatives. 
- Contains tree nuts. May have been in contact with peanuts, wheat, egg, milk.
- Scented with edible essential oils. Essential oils should not be given to children, elderly, or taken during pregnancy, nursing, or if you have epilepsy.